Sir Marketing Notes

Marketing notes simplified to aid understanding and performance on exams

It’s a pleasure introducing “Sir Marketing Notes” which were compiled specifically for my first year bachelors degree marketing students who “complained” about the “technical” and “heady” nature of the prescribed marketing text books. After much prodding and encouragement from my students I reluctantly but honourably decided to share “Sir Marketing Notes” with anyone who would like to improve his or her marketing knowledge and skills.

Sir Marketing Notes” are design to explain marketing concepts and theories in a straight reader friendly manner. As mentioned, they cover the major topics in the undergraduate fundamentals course in marketing and are suitable for students who want high grades on exams or simply to improve their appreciation of marketing.

Sir Marketing Notes is a part of a dual publication, “The Marketing Equation”. The other book is the “Mini Marketing Cases”.

Sir Marketing Notes cover the major topics of a foundation in marketing course at the bachelors level. Topics include Core Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Marketing Process, Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price and Promotion), Environment Analysis, Consumer Buying Behaviour, and International Marketing. 

Sir Marketing Notes: Units and Topics

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