Mini Marketing Cases

A collection of short marketing cases on various topic in Fundamentals of Marketing.

The Mini Marketing Case series is a collection of short marketing cases covering topics such as Core Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Marketing Process, Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price and Promotion), Environment Analysis, Consumer Buying Behaviour, and International Marketing. 

As students complete each mini case, they get to see marketing theory in practice while improving their understanding of marketing tools and principles by applying them to the case. Results: a higher grade on marketing exam.


“Swot the facts and know the principles then apply them to the situation as if you are there.”

There are 10 cases in the series based on the major fundamental topics in marketing: Marketing Concepts, Marketing Process, Marketing Mix, Marketing Environment, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Consumer Behaviour, International marketing, Contemporary Issues in marketing.

 The cases and topics are designed to complement the Marketing Equation Lecture Notes but are good as stand alone. For each topic, students are provided with the case, relevant questions and a model answer. A critical component of the Case Study series is the Teachers Guide that shows students how the topic and case would be taught by a tutor. This component gives student added appreciation of the topic and its application to real life issues.  

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